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How To Lose $50K In a Few Short Months

stock fall

Step 1 – Start dabbling around in Gold ETF’s you have watched for the past 3 years

Step 2 – Have some beginners luck playing the odds.  Quickly turn your 30K investment into 75K in a matter of 3-4 months

Step 3 – Convince yourself you know what you are doing.  You have the market figured out.  Keep playing harder

Step 4 – Stop learning and reading.  Just assume you know what’s best and how the market will react.

Step 5 – Bet bigger and bigger with each stock purchase

Step 6 – As the price of your shares drop drastically, convince yourself it’s smart to cost average down.  There’s blood in the water, someone has to make money. Right?

Step 7 – Lie to yourself and wait for momentum to shift back your way.  Nothing bad has ever happened by waiting out a bad situation.

Step 8 – Don’t set stop losses.  Keep losing more money by the day.

Step 9 – When momentum does shift and you gain a substantial portion of your opening position back, be greedy and don’t sell.  You know you’re a winner!

Step 10 – Go through a reverse 10-1 split and finally sell your shares for a gigantic loss before the year ends so you don’t have to pay taxes on your previous gains.

Follow these 10 steps and you’re bound to produce the losing results I have.  Good luck!

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