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It’s Really This Simple

I’m a little high and I got way too much sun today, but I’m pretty sure I realize how life works now.

I spent a lot of time on the beach today.  I had been pay attention to everyone surfing, trying to figure out what made some of them better than others.  I’m a wannabe, novice surfer at best, so I wanted to figure how I could get better.

The surfers who were really ripping it up were patient and perceptive.  They didn’t try to ride every wave they saw.  Most of them were out there for hours.  They didn’t look frantic or panicked trying to pop up on their board they way I did.   They took their time and choose the right waves for them, then took action.

After I was done surfing and watching the sunset on the beach.  I was walking back to my little “jungle hotel” and thinking about how life works. It came to me that life really boils down to three things: Action, choices and chances.  The more action you take, the more choices you make, the more chances you get at living the life you want.  I’m pretty sure the majority of life really is that simple.

Everyday we get out of bed, we decide how we are going to live our life for that day.  For me personally, if I lay around in bed half the morning, then fuck off for the next 90 minutes trying to pull my life together so I can go on with my day; I’m probably making the choice to be a piece of shit that day.  It doesn’t have to mean that, but usually it means my day is screwed and destined for jacking off and watching TV.

If I wake up, hop out of bed, pray and do the rest of my morning routine in a timely manner before I hit the gym, I’m usually in good shape.  The choice to do something as simple as getting out of bed on-time and moving gives me the chance of making it a great day.  That’s literally all it takes to start a great day.  That one simple choice parlays into everything else that happens that day.  That’s life in a nutshell.

I know I’m oversimplifying things and other external factors can take a big shit on your day.  However, that’s a choice to let take you off track for the day.  Do you want to stay covered in shit an roll around in it.  Or, do you want to wipe the shit off and move along with your life.

Yeah, I kind of want to punch me too at this point with all my babbling positivity.  But, I had an amazing day because I took action and made choices that gave me the chance to make it that way.  I met new people, surfed for the first time in 7 years, ate some awesome food and got burnt as shit from the sun.

I could choose to let the fact my skin is on fire and I probably will have to hide from the sun tomorrow ruin my day. Yet, I’m not concerned about that right now because I can no longer control that outcome.  I can take action by popping some Advil and putting on lots of lotion, coconut oil and aloe.  However, that’s it, whatever tomorrow brings, it brings.

Now, I may fucking hate life tomorrow and have a shitty day because of my choices today.  I’ll have to deal with that tomorrow.  Does that all make sense?

That’s pretty much life summed up in about 600 words.   Action, choices and chances.  The more action you take, the more choices you make, the more chances you get at living the life you want.

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