Episode 22: 2015 – It’s A Wrap – Year In Review

2015 was a crazy and turbulent year, full of adversity and new beginnings.  We look back on the year and what it’s brought to our lives.  I’m so grateful for everyone who downloaded our episodes and supported the show.  It’s been more fun than I can even explain.

The show opens with a quick synopsis of the key points of 2015, where we discuss vulnerability, getting outside your comfort zone and taking risks.  Justin shares lessons learned and perspective gained from falling off a 55 foot cliff.  We share our new years resolutions and why people rarely achieve them.  We round out the segment with the importance of starting every day at zero and having the vision to scale what works.

ShowerThoughts and the New Covers:

  • How often has a receptionist at a sperm bank said the phrase, “thanks for coming”
  • If Kanyne West became President, you would be able to see the first lady on Pornhub – That sloppy, Armenian pig getting dicked down by Ray Jay
  • “As Fuck” as a unit of measure
  • The use of emojis closing the language barrier in the dating world and what you can tell about a person by their most used emojis
  • Dirty talk sex blunders
  • FDA banning tanning beds
  • Steve Harvey’s blunder

We end the show with a Meditation from the man we named the segment for , Marcus Aurelius.  “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”  Creating happiness in your life based on perspective.


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Producers note: Launching a podcast in 2015 was a strange and rewarding journey for us.  This year, find what song you hum in your head, and sing it out loud!  There are no wrong notes.  You’re going to find satisfaction where you’re most uncomfortable.  Much love to you all for joining us, we hope to meet you on your own new adventures!


Priming For The Day

Seven months ago my life sucked.  Mainly because I made it that way.

Today I’m so grateful for every day I wake up. I found that one of the most important aspects of making my life better was creating a daily practice to start my day.  I’m the type of dude who needs structure in my life to thrive.  Every morning if I’m going to have a great day I have to do the following:

  1. Wake up, hit my knees and give thanks for the day.
  2. Jump in the coldest shower possible to get the synapses firing and release endorphins
  3. Find some positive motivation – Today it’s from my dude Les Brown

4. Then start working on something I’m passionate about or head to the gym. Today it’s gym time!!


What I Learned By Forgotting My Beach Towel

“Why are you going to Crystal Cove its full of lesbians and old people?”

“You should go to Newport it’s spring break, the beach will be packed with college girls.”

As I read those texts from my friend I realized that I forgot to pack a fucking beach towel.  I was minutes away from Crystal Cove Beach and debated turning around and going home.  In the past I would have let something that trivial stop me from enjoying my day.  But I decided to say fuck it and go to the beach towel-less.

I parked in the parking lot on the opposite side of the street.  From there its a long descent down a walking path and through a tunnel under Pacific Coast Highway to get to the beach entrance.  The only 38709thought I had in my head was “this is a giant pain in the ass to get to a beach.”  After 10 minutes of walking I reached my destination and it was beautiful.

I went out on the the rocks in the ocean and checked out the little creatures living on them.  Then I sat down in the sand, put my earpods in my phone and listened to music while I watched the waves break on the rocks.

After a few minutes I turned the music off and began reading the eBook on my phone.  My whole body was coated with sand, but that didn’t bother me.  As I read I thought about how children end up covered in sand at the beach.  Part of their fun is getting sand all over themselves.  But as an adult it seems like such a nuisance.

I moved and sat on a rock at the shoreline.  The water barely reached my feet as the waves rolled in.  I sat there reading and enjoying the sun shining down on me for the next two hours.  When I got too hot or my mind started to wander I jumped in the cold water to shock my body.  It revitalized me and got me back into what I was reading.  I developed a sense of mindfulness about how amazing I felt and how passionate I was about my life and what I was reading.

I didn’t ruminate over the fact that the day prior I chose not to listen to my gut instinct and sell off some stock; which cost me 5k in profit.  I didn’t worry about my business woes or my relationship issues.  I was just grateful for my life at that moment. I was being present and experiencing real contentment and happiness.

It sounds ridiculous, but I had this preconceived notion that if I did not have a towel I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the beach.  I realized it’s these types of ridiculous rules I create for myself that keep me from happiness all to often.  Sometimes the old truths we hold about life need to be thrown out and rewritten.  Changing my thought process and taking a different course of action from my normal inclination to turn around and go home produced a new set of positive results – Happiness and Gratitude.

I Hate the Fact That I Miss You

I have a tendency in my life to romanticize the past.  It’s this bad habit of remembering all the good times and feelings, even if they were few and far between.  I struggle to recognize the reality of how unhappy I was with whatever I am missing.

These feelings of longing aren’t just limited to my intimate relationships or people from my past.  I miss the places I lived, careers I’ve had, and even drugs I’ve done.  Some of this stems from regret for the choices I have made.  Maybe I gave up too soon or stayed there too long.

The majority of the time I revisit the past and the things I miss, they are never quite the same as I remembered.  They don’t feel the same.  They don’t invoke the feelings in me that I hoped they would.  The sex isn’t as good, the views aren’t as beautiful, the drugs never get me as high.

I’ve spent a great deal of my life brooding over the past.   I sit and think about how I could have made different choices that may have led to a different outcome.  Hoping that somehow I will get another shot at my past.  It’s always the story of “well if I had just done X differently.”  It becomes nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Habitually, I miss people, places and things for all the wrong reasons.  A fair amount of guilt and shame tend to accompany my feelings of nostalgia.  I often wonder why I spend so much time ruminating over what has been done.  There’s nothing I can do to change what’s happened; so why do I let it drain my life today?  I know that previous statement is very obvious and clearly not profound.  But it’s something I always struggle to accept.

And there in lies the key to this life lesson; acceptance.  Acceptance is the only thing that can give me freedom from my past.  It allows me to find inner peace and say goodbye to what once was.  One of the most quoted pieces of literature on acceptance come from The Big Book of AA:

      “And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing or situation — some fact of my life — unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.”

Acceptance is the most obvious, yet powerful tool I can think of when it comes to dealing with the past.  It should be the most simple principle to apply because its makes the most sense.  Whats done is done!  There’s no time machine.  I can’t right the wrongs I have done.  But, I can accept was has occurred and move forward making positive changes in my life to ensure that I don’t make those mistakes again.

Many people before me have said that the past belongs exactly where it is; in the past.  It’s normal and natural to miss something or someone.   Reminiscing over the good times.  However, If I want serenity and happiness today I need to leave my past alone.  I need to live in the present and build for the future.  I can draw on the experiences and the lessons I have learned to be a better person today and in the future.  Spending time and energy focusing on what could have been keeps me from creating what will become.

“Yesterday is history and tomorrow’s a mystery
But baby right now, its just about you and me”