This Isn’t The Notebook, Violating HIPPA Isn’t Charming


I read an article tonight that used words like  manspread, mansplain and manterrupt.  I don’t have any clue what these newly made up terms mean. Candidly, I have zero interest.  Seems like more liberal buzzwords to condemn men’s actions.  That’s fine, but I can barely remember my address at times, I don’t need more dust in my filter mucking up my limited thought process.

I agree, we as men act inappropriately pretty often. Sometimes I’m embarrassed by what I see from other men.  Occasionally, I’m embarrassed by my actions.  However, there is a double standard when a women does something inappropriate towards a man.  I’ve had women come up to me and grab my arms, pull up my sleeves and my shirt to check out my tattoos without ever speaking to me or asking me.  It’s incredibly rude and annoying as hell.  But it’s excusable because a women did it.

That may not be the best example.  However, I have a funny story, which anecdotally proves my point.  I recently had cancer. I was at my pre-admissions testing prior to my last surgery.  I was polite as always with the people who work there.  One women talked to me about taking her son to see wrestling and some other topical conversation.  I left and went about my day.

Hours later I received this text: