Being NakedGuy

In college I was known as Naked Guy.  Every school probably has one.   It wasn’t quite the same sentiment when I showed up to a party in college as in the clip above.

The name Naked Guy was given to me as a freshman and stuck with me all through college.  Only the biggest assholes and morons are given that moniker.  In certain circles of friends I’m still addressed by that nickname.  I cringe every time I hear someone say it.

My freshman year I found it amusing to show others my balls and occasionally whip out my cock.  I’m not packing anything too substantial in my pants, so I usually ended up embarrassing myself.  I wanted attention.  Even if it was the wrong type of attention.  It was a simple formula, cock out =’s attention.

I dated a beautiful girl from New Jersey for three years in college.  I met her hometown best friends for the first time during the second semester of our freshman year.  We were at my friend’s house for a party, playing flip cup in the basement.  Within 30 minutes of meeting them I got drunk, whipped out my balls and was placed them on the flip cup table.  Then I chased people around the basement with my junk hanging out of my pants.  My girlfriend was mortified, and rightfully so.

I wore daisy dukes with the ass cut out of them to a Halloween party my sophomore year.  They were essentially a corduroy G string.  My friends and I thought it was extremely funny.  Everyone else was puzzled as to why I was showing off my hairy ass in public.

I would pull the head of my dick out my pants and shove random objects into my peehole.  Steak knives, mulch, aspirins, keys, whatever seemed to fit.  I would do other odd shit like slam my balls or dick in a door to try and get a couple of laughs.

Once, I masturbated using a massager on my dick, while still wearing pants, until I came.  That doesn’t sound too odd until I mention this occurred in my living room in front of my roommates.  I thought it was hilarious.  I loved the shock value.  Looking back it was borderline gay.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is, other than to embarrass myself by my past actions.  I had good times as Naked Guy, or occasional Nude Dude as some liked to call me.  College is a time to find yourself.  I just happened to find myself being an asshole.