Episode 22: 2015 – It’s A Wrap – Year In Review

2015 was a crazy and turbulent year, full of adversity and new beginnings.  We look back on the year and what it’s brought to our lives.  I’m so grateful for everyone who downloaded our episodes and supported the show.  It’s been more fun than I can even explain.

The show opens with a quick synopsis of the key points of 2015, where we discuss vulnerability, getting outside your comfort zone and taking risks.  Justin shares lessons learned and perspective gained from falling off a 55 foot cliff.  We share our new years resolutions and why people rarely achieve them.  We round out the segment with the importance of starting every day at zero and having the vision to scale what works.

ShowerThoughts and the New Covers:

  • How often has a receptionist at a sperm bank said the phrase, “thanks for coming”
  • If Kanyne West became President, you would be able to see the first lady on Pornhub – That sloppy, Armenian pig getting dicked down by Ray Jay
  • “As Fuck” as a unit of measure
  • The use of emojis closing the language barrier in the dating world and what you can tell about a person by their most used emojis
  • Dirty talk sex blunders
  • FDA banning tanning beds
  • Steve Harvey’s blunder

We end the show with a Meditation from the man we named the segment for , Marcus Aurelius.  “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.”  Creating happiness in your life based on perspective.


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Producers note: Launching a podcast in 2015 was a strange and rewarding journey for us.  This year, find what song you hum in your head, and sing it out loud!  There are no wrong notes.  You’re going to find satisfaction where you’re most uncomfortable.  Much love to you all for joining us, we hope to meet you on your own new adventures!