Episode 12: Pit Beef & Police, It’s What Maryland Does

Talented musician, photographer and friend of the show Christopher Kayfield (@KayfieldMedia) joins the gang.  We jump off on St. Patrick’s Day, Baltimore, 2005 with KRS and work colleagues partaking in holiday festivities.  Shots at noon lead to a rapid downhill descent, fortunately for Chris the luck of the Irish was with him that day.

In the News from “Not the Onion” we cover the absurdity of a teenage boy being prosecuted as an adult for having naked photos… of himself, on his own phone.  This springboards into sharing our first experiences with pornography as teenagers.  The Iranian President tells American citizens to not take it personal as his people chant “Death to America.”  Chris Kayfield shares his theory on the alternative reasoning behind Donald Trump’s campaign.  We finish out the segment with ShowerThoughts and an intense debate on PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) in sports as well as in the bedroom.

Meditations goes to an unusual source of inspiration, looking at a quote from Kevin Smith:  “Watch movies until you wanna make your own movie. Read books until you wanna write your own book. Imitate until you can innovate. Start now.”  This opens a discussion on sources of creativity and inspiration while finding your own voice.

This is the companion audio to Chris’s blog post: Cops Hate Pit Beef

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