The Legend of Hacksaw – Why Social Media Is Making You An Idiot


Meet Jim Duggan, a.k.a “Hacksaw”,a true American Hero and defender of the American way. He strikes fear in the hearts of terrorists throughout the world. With the use of his famous 2×4 he has racked up 2 million unconfirmed kills, 4500 pant shitting’s, and a WCW World Television Championship.

Much like Hulk Hogan, he uses an old school approach to warfare. His leg drops alone have destroyed more terror cells than all the Allied Forces combined. From what I’ve read his resounding battle cry, “Hoooo!!!”, has been enough to force 1000’s of members of ISIS to take their own life’s before they face his wrath.

Hacksaw was born out of wedlock. His Mother, Superwoman, was swimming in Atlantic Ocean where she met her one true love, Jaws. They knew their love would never last, but they wanted to create something beautiful – a force to spread justice throughout the world. 9 months later Hacksaw kicked his way right out of his mothers womb, clotheslined his doctor, slapped on some tights and headed out to change the world.

This unsung hero holds the key to our national security. We are forever indebted to his actions. Next time you salute the flag, make sure Hacksaw is in your heart.

The moral of the story – get the FOH with all the nonsense you share and post on social media. Check the facts and stop believing if its on the internet it’s true. Be an individual, not a lemming. Don’t jump on the bandwagon and think for yourself. Never listen to what the media feeds you. And for the love of God, remember every time you hear a “HOOOO!!” a terrorist gets his horns as Hacksaw sends them to hell.