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Thought Of The Day – Multitasking



Do one thing at a time – Multitasking is bullshit.

Think about the last time you brushed your teeth without doing something else with the toothbrush in your mouth. I can’t remember when I’ve solely focused on only brushing my teeth. Normally I have my phone in my hand, I’m running around the house or trying to speak to someone as toothpaste spit drips out of my mouth.  I probably wouldn’t have had so many cavities in my life if I’d given it the focus it deserves.

It’s trite and cheesy, but Heed Bruce Lee’s word’s.  Focus your energy on one thing at a time and move on to the next.  Unless you’re better than me and can multitask effectively.  In that case, fuck yourself and keep doing what works for you.

I don’t even allow myself to have more than one browser page open at one time because of how my mind wanders.  I’ll be doing work and the next thing I know I’m looking up porn, diet information and how to stop my hair from thinning.  An hour later I’ve gotten nothing accomplished, I’m hungry, I have a boner and I’m taking pictures of the top of my head to see when I should book my appointment with a Bosley hair center.

Put your focus and effort into one task.  Keep your smile shiny and white.  Stop having toothpaste dribble marks all over your bathroom or your shirt.  Practice this concept in all areas of your life and see how they improve.

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