What’s Permission?

Stop asking for permission. If you want something, go get it.  Don’t wait for someone else to grant your permission. Give it to yourself and start moving towards what you want.

When you start out on any new journey you will most likely get beat up, tossed around and embarrassed.  That’s part of earning your permission to achieve what you want.

Doing new things has cost me time and money.  I’ve looked foolish, lost confidence and felt like a failure.  Maybe my perspective was wrong. I didn’t get the outcome I had hoped for, but I learned lessons and my life was pushed in new directions.

Remember, life’s an experiment, treat it as such.  Work hard and do something new daily.  If it doesn’t work out, it was only an experiment.  Try again tomorrow.  I understand it’s easier for me to write that kind of trite platitude than it is to actually do it in practice, that’s obvious.  But, I’m not sure how else to frame that truism.  

One thing I implore you to remind yourself when you start something new; don’t worry about the end result as much as the process.  The process is what’s most important and is the key to creating anything new.  Focusing on the process allows you to stay loose and be yourself.   Focusing on the outcome makes you rigid, creates anxiety and forces you to keep score in a binary manner with only two outcomes, success or failure.  That type of mental environment kills creativity and creates fear of taking risks.

Once you start facing new things head on, the world starts to change and opportunities open up.  Stop asking for permission or telling yourself a story of why you can’t do something.  Don’t wait for sometime to tell you that you’re ready or able to do what you want. Make the decision for yourself. There’s no one more capable of granting permission to the life you want than you.

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