Let Me Cram That In There

I hate feeling the need to fill all the empty spaces in my life.  Worrying about making the best use of my time.  I have a list of things I want to do today and I despise putting things off I claim are important to me.

Writing is one of those things I seem to push off daily.  It gets shuffled to the bottom of my daily to-do list.  It comes after: work, the gym and then all the fucking off I do daily.  I feel better everyday I write and create. It’s cathartic, even if I’m writing nonsense no one else would want to see.

Writing helps me in business and personal life. I feel lighter and less bogged down with the heaviness of racing thoughts.  I can communicate better with everyone I interact with.  My ability to speak peaking with prospective customers and crafting effective emails improves greatly.

Knowing all the benefits, I still find excuses why I can’t do it daily.  I create pressure on myself to create something, which leads to shaming myself when I don’t do it.  This is a theme in my life in general.

I don’t get paid to write, so why should I place those kinds of consequences on whether or not it do it?  It seems the only way I write is when I force myself to do it.

So I’m sitting in the barbershop waiting for a cut, writing down what’s going through my head.  Filling my time with something constructive instead of mentally masturbating to social media or texting friends.  I feel lighter and more content with my day by fitting this in.

Small victories daily compound into larger victories in the future.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll write something worth reading.

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