Episode 10: Pot Calls Kettle

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For our first show back since Chris’s surgery, we pick up with a story about a past European vacation.  He discusses the inner workings of his roommate during the trip – The Dungeon Master.   We then travel to Chamonix, France where a game of “Who Am I” might be more than KRS bargained for.

ShowerThoughts breaks down the need for new marketing strategies for “Jared” and “Beats by Dre.”  In one of the most raw news segments we’ve recorded, we talk lobby influence of Big Pharma, an emotionally charged story of a friend’s battle with cancer and some choice words to describe Kim Davis.

Meditations takes a look at the Mary Oliver quote “Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness, it took me years to understand this too was a gift.”  The discussion leads to personal experiences where the pain others have caused was later used as a springboard for growth and positive change in our lives.

This is the companion audio to Chris’s blog post: The Dungeon Master and I Have a Dick On My Face, Don’t I?

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