And My Day Is Complete….Bye Chip


As we near the end of another disappointing season, I can finally rest easily.  Chip Kelly is gone.  Philadelphia is rejoicing.  See ya Chip.  It’s unfortunate you can’t take Bradford, Kiko and Maxwell (and their bloated contracts) with you.

I said you would be the next Steve Spurrier in the NFL,but you surpassed my prediction.  Congrats.  At least he had the decency to resign and walk away apologizing for the clusterfuck he created in Washington.

You deserve a kick to the nuts for what you have done.  You make Andy Reid Look like Bill Belichick.  Rich Kotite on his Hoveround mocks your performance.  This isn’t college bro, it’s the pros.  Well sort of, because it is the NFC East, but you get what I’m saying.

You Honeydicked your way into Philly with all your offensive trickery and shitty schemes that are only effective in college.  Then you Hot Cosby our beloved team, got rid of all of our best athletes, decimated our offensive line and turned the Eagles into one of the worst teams in the NFC East.  That’s not an easy task considering how shitty the rest of the competition is in the division.  From the bottom of my heart and for every Philadelphian that bleeds green, Peace bitch!