Episode 9: The Squirrel Master

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Chris opens the show with a story about his infamous college roommate – The Squirrel Master – a man from southern Maryland with an affinity for chain-smoking Newports and cursing. On an undesirably sober snow day, unfortunate hi-jinx ensues.  We then discuss a recurring theme on the show as KRS partakes in another foolish race against no one.

ShowerThoughts includes how your search history might preclude you from getting a job at Google and elderly people over 100 making up secrets to longevity just to screw with others.  In the news we check a post from Anne Rice discussing censorship in the arts, and the (absurd) militarization of local police forces in the fight against marijuana.  We finish our middle segment with KRS’s thoughts on dating and what’s important when looking for a partner.

We close out with our final segment, Meditations, and a simple quote from Ricky Gervais: “Offense is taken, not given.”  We explore how society has become so easily spun up and offer thoughts on how to purpose your time and energy.  The message is stop being professionally offended.

This is the companion audio to Chris’s blog post: The Squirrel Master and the Pee Snowball

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