Junk Food For Your Brain

The problem with weed is…..

It gives me all these creative ideas, but makes me too lazy to do anything with them.

When I’m high, I write down every idea in hopes of doing something with them later.  But once I’m sober, the ideas either seem horrible or they lose the creative spark needed to turn them into something tangible.

Trying to turn my thoughts into a post while I’m high is torture.  I can’t focus for more than 15 seconds, I lose track of what I’m writing about and I usually have food splattered all over my keyboard.  That’s pretty close to my normal writing routine, but it’s much more difficult while stoned.

When I’m showering high I come up with comedy routines.  I’m pretty sure my material is hilarious, at least in my head it is.   I can’t be certain that’s a true statement because I forget the whole routine by the time I’ve cleaned myself.  For obvious reasons, I can ‘t write my ideas down because I have no access to a pen or a computer in the shower.   So I have no way to prove any of this or test out my material.

How do so many funny people create great shit while they’re high?  This is the type of thing that keeps me up at night.  Surprisingly, I’m not high while writing this.  Although, it would make more sense if I was.

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