Tinder Treasure – My Contribution To The Dating Population


It irked me.  Was I seeing her, but she wasn’t seeing me?  That can’t be right.  What type of shit is this?

I was playing on Tinder and Bumble and I started to wonder why I match with very few girls in the 18-22 year old range.  It certainly couldn’t be how I looked.  I’m hot, who wouldn’t want this?  I mean, I have a giant head, but no one’s perfect.Vegas

Then I got thinking.  Maybe the reason I don’t match with girls in my preferred age range is due to the fact the apps are showing me ALL girls who fall into the specified age range.  Instead of seeing ONLY girls in the age range I chose who want a guy my age.  Could my hypothesis be possible?  Did Tinder and Bumble not think to make age range viewing reciprocal? – It seems simple and logical that if you like girls from the ages of 20-25 and you are 35, you would only see girls from ages 20-25 who are interested in guys my age.  right?

So I wrote Tinder and Bumble and asked them this question in a manner I thought may shed some light on a topic, while also be funny and entertaining to the rep answering the E-mail.  This is exactly what I wrote:

I have a question and possibly a suggestion.

So here’s the deal. Like many single guys my age, I’m kind of a creep and only like girls 7-10 years younger than I am. What I’m wondering is if the app is set up so that I select my age range of 19-27 let’s say; am I able to see girls who fall in that age range who ALSO WANT TO SEE GUYS IN AN AGE RANGE THAT I FALL UNDER?

That would make the app a lot more effective than seeing all the people in the age range you select. This way I would only see young girls who want to meet a creepy old bastard like myself because they are looking for someone my age.  Ya dig?

Thanks for the reply in advance. I look forward to even more success in my tinder adventures.

Yours truly


After I sent the E-mail I felt I had made a contribution to society.  I thought to myself, “I may be the reason 1000’s of people are going to have even easier access to casual sex.  Then I got a response from Tinder and I couldn’t be more mortified.

Dear Chris,

Adults (18+) can only see other adults on the app. Anyone ages 13 to 17 can only see other users in the same age range.

Kind regards,


For the love of Christ Scott, I’m not trying to see girls that are 13-17.  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Do you have no humor, or is there a standard reply you send to people who you wrongfully assume are pederasts?  Now I’m concerned this guy turned in my name and information to the FBI.  Am I going to be on some sort of watch list?  I had to reply and straighten this out.

I think you misunderstood my question. I’m not a pedophile for Christ’s
sake.  I don’t want to see girls under the age of 18.  I didn’t even know you could be on Tinder if you’re under 18.  WTF!
I was trying to ask a question and make it a little comical.  But I see my attempt at humor was taken the WRONG WAY.
What I want to know is does the app function in a manner that when I select an age Range.Let’s say I select girls from 20-25.  Then when I go to swipe I will only see girls from 20-25 who are interested in guys in my age group.  Whatever they choose that 35 falls into.  That was the question
Now I sit here curious to see how Scott responds and if he can take a joke.  To be continued…………

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